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2015 was a year of big eventsfor Ageless interAction!

We hosted various events revolving around food and music to connect generations together. These events provided fun and easy ways for people of all ages to connect in ways that create spontaneous conversations. Before settling on the visual art programming that has carried our mission in 2016 and 2017, AI experimented with many forms of events in 2015, here are some highlights!



Art Show at AG Rhodes

In March 2015, AI led the first Ageless Art Show at a local nursing home, which was a huge accomplishment. There were 30+ residents in this nursing home health and rehabilitation facility, aging up to 103. Ageless interAction provided a space where the residents could celebrate art and hard work, despite their environment. AI had been painting at AG Rhodes for the past two years, so it was high time to share all the artwork everyone had painted!

MLK Day of Service: Culinary Creativity

Ageless interAction visited Clairmont Oaks, a independent living community in Decatur, Georgia, and cooked a plant-based meal with the residents there, as well as with high school and college students from multiple schools located in the Atlanta area. AI partnered with GivingPoint and received donations from Juicy Jenny and New Kent Capital.

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Dance

For the Day of Love, AI went to Clairmont Oaks with Georgia State University students. This really spearheaded the AI program when we started it back in 2013, and it continued through 2015. We also hosted an art show within this community in 2014, showcasing the residents’ creations. The Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Dance was a great success (and the sweetest thing ever!). 8 college football players from GSU came out to dance with the women at Clairmont Oaks; they even dressed up and passed out roses to the women. At this independent living facility, there were more women than men; the women would often tell Meagan, when she visited, that all they wanted to do again was dance with an attractive young man - so Ageless interAction made that happen. Check out our awesome video from this event!

Partnered with LifeSpan Resources

This six-week art program with LifeSpan Resources was another AI accomplishment in Summer 2015. LifeSpan strives to maintain independent living for as long as possible and to provide opportunities for older people to participate in life-enriching programs.

The LifeSpan art class was for beginner artists. We started out with simple, guided exercises to help the women in the class explore form, color, and expression. One woman that was a part of the art class was so inspired that she converted her spare dining room to an art studio. It was cozy, small, and intimate, and we worked with the same women over the course of 6 weeks. LifeSpan also interviewed Meagan, check out the interview here!

Interview on Business Radio


AI founder Meagan Jain loved being a part of this interview on the Business Radio podcast! In her words, “We connect people on this very elemental human experience. It’s no longer about being old or being young. It’s about being human and sharing that very normal emotional rollercoaster of experiences that you go through over time. Because of [this really authentic and vulnerable exchange] that gives way for true reciprocity - people come back. People see that just because I’m 25 does not mean I cannot interact with a 93-year-old or a 97-year-old or a 77-year-old.” Check out the interview here!