Ageless interAction
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Our Mission:

[re]defining aging through art

Through visual arts, we redefine, recreate, and reimagine new ideas of age and the aging process.


Ageless interAction uses art to elevate and redefine ideas of aging. Aging is a universal experience we all go through. We have to work on reframing our perspectives on aging. It is important to see this experience within a welcome scope of understanding so we can develop healthy relationships to ourselves, and those around us, as we all get older.


Our Programs

We build relationships with senior spaces and offer community specific visual arts programs. Our art classes and events build on new innovations in how to use art to catalyze creativity, confidence, community with the senior space.



Our community specific painting classes are curated for individual senior spaces and the individual needs of older adults. Each program is created to think about the full experience of aging - body, mind and spirit. Our programs are designed with the aging experience in mind; once we meet with the older adults who will be participating, we create a unique and innovation visual arts based program.

“We like painting with you because it’s interesting and we do things we haven’t done before.”

“I have REALLY been enjoying these art classes. Great expression. It’s like an extension of my personality and I am able to use another dimension to express myself.”

“That was easy and not scary like other art classes.”

“You are really good at what you do.” “Yea, you are so good at explaining everything to us and making us feel comfortable with our art.”


The founder of Ageless interAction, Gerontologist and Artist Meagan Jain, presents on her aging and arts philosophy and practice. These presentations are for professionals working across all disciplines within the aging field. Meagan’s presentations provide hands on experience for aging professionals to fully integrate the aging and arts based philosophy she has created throughout her work.

“Meagan's presentation at our GAAP meeting was about using art as a way to connect with our residents. It was a lesson on mindfulness and being content with the idea that everyone processes things differently. She provided us with an example of a painting she did and provided minimal instruction that allowed our creativity to shine through. While she made suggestions, she did not stifle anyone's creativity from shining through. It was a reminder that each time we engage with our residents, it is important to exercise patience and understanding. It was a truly mindful experience that myself and my colleagues were immediately able to take back and implement best practices in our home communities.” - Scott Bassett, Director of Education & Member Development LeadingAge Georgia |Georgia Institute on Aging |Center for Positive Aging


“Throughout the years, Ageless interAction has provided an outlet for creative expression to a variety of seniors. Oftentimes, participants might begin the workshop with apprehension or self doubt. Phrases like, "I can’t paint,” or “I have no artistic ability” are sometimes uttered, but are quickly rebuked by Jain and her crew."



Since 2009 Meagan has been working to redefine how we think about age. Meagan founded Ageless interAction in 2014. She has been at the forefront of redefining, reimagining, and recreating how we think about age and the aging process.

Aging is a life-long process everyone goes through. Among the differences that divide us - race, gender expressions and identities, sexuality, class, education, religion, culture, belief systems etc., everybody ages. Meagan is always seeking to meet someone who doesn’t have a birthday.

Meagan believes that intimately tied within the process of aging (read: going through life) we all want to express ourselves and painting, among other creative endeavors, is a great medium with which one can do so. Even if you’re ‘not an artist.’ It’s her privilege to create spaces for people to connect and create with one another.

Meagan has a Masters in Gerontology from Georgia State University.

Over the years Meagan has advocated to recreate our aging society through the arts. To learn more, check our her website.


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Whatever space within the aging community, we can work together to create an arts based program to uplift your community - from independent living community to Dementia care, our programs work within various aging experiences.


For aging professionals, these presentations provide a hands on approach that infuses a new and elevated philosophy in your business practices.

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Ageless interAction is a 501-(c)(3). Make a donation to ensure we continue our work using art to impact the aging experience.